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PERK Plastic Surgery is an aesthetic destination for clients around the world.

Our patient concierge is committed to crafting an unparalleled and luxury experience for our out of town patients. If you are flying in from out of town, the concierge at PERK Plastic Surgery will help you to tailor your experience.

The day before procedure:

You will meet Dr. Lee and staff the day before your scheduled procedure. We will review your medical history, lab work and perform a detailed examination. Postoperative prescriptions will be filled at this time. All postoperative instructions will be given at this time as well.

After the procedure:

Surgery is usually scheduled 24-48 hours after your arrival in Beverly Hills. We advise our patients to remain in Los Angeles approximately 1-10 days after surgery depending on the procedure to ensure safety. Aftercare will be arranged by our office ahead of time.

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