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Artistically-raised, Scientifically-trained, Aesthetically-driven

Dr. Michelle Lee is a board-certified and ivy-league trained plastic surgeon behind some of the most natural-appearing results. She created PERK plastic surgery because life is too short to settle for anything less than the most extraordinary version of yourself.

Female Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills


“You can trust Dr. Lee will perform the highest quality surgery on you or your loved ones.”

Dr. Matthew Brown, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

“Michelle was a student as a resident and I have sent patients to her in Beverly Hills... really good reputation. Good job Michelle!”

“I have witnessed Dr Lee’s work first hand. My conclusion? Without question, one of the most talented plastic surgeons in the country.”

Board Certified, Internationally Renowned Dermatologist

Innovative Scientist

As a scientist, Dr. Lee is dedicated to pushing back the boundaries of what is possible with beauty without compromising patient safety. She is the first surgeon in the state of Illionis to use AirXpanders, a technology that allows women to increase the size of their breast reconstructions using a remote control from the comfort of their own home. Just as important as being on the cutting edge, Dr. Lee prioritizes patient safety in her research and practice. In 2012, Dr. Lee’s case report of breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) was published in the Lancet, one of the world's oldest, most prestigious, and best known medical journals.

Female Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills

Dr. Lee currently serves on the editorial board for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, a publication of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Her original research resulted in myriad publications in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the flagship journal in the field as well as multiple textbook chapters focusing on optimizing outcomes in breast surgery, facial rejuvenation and migraine surgery. Dr. Lee has presented her research in conferences both across the United States and internationally. Dr. Lee is also passionate about education. She currently serves on the Breast and Aesthetics Section of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s In-Service Committee. She is an active member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Ahead of the Curve

Ever striving to keep abreast of cutting-edge developments as they happen in real time, Dr. Lee is often among the best female plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills to offer new innovations to her patients, whether it be the newest laser technology, or newly approved nipple-sparing techniques for reconstructive breast surgery. Her drive for ingenuity and scientific progress is what makes Dr. Lee stand out as one of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, male or female.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder of giants."

Sir Isaac Newton

Towards a holistic approach

Dr. Lee is passionate about helping her clients to view cosmetic enhancement as an event on a lifestyle continuum that includes self-care in all areas – nutrition, supplementation, exercise, personal development, and overall wellness. She strives to bring out the innate beauty and attractiveness in every patient rather than striving to make them conform to societal notions about the “correct” way to look.

As an Asian plastic surgeon of Chinese descent, Dr. Lee is adamant about preserving cultural and ethnic heritage, especially when performing facial procedures for her asian clients.

Beverly Hills Top Female Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills & Los Angeles Female Plastic Surgeon

A female plastic surgeon is someone who can truly understand your concerns and desires when it comes to your body. Being a woman herself, she shares the same problems associated with aging and is experiencing the same phases, and is easy to relate to, and confide in. True empathy and compassion stems from not having simply studied the body, but from experiencing life as a woman. Find confidence and trust in Dr. Michelle Lee, a female board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you on your journey to greater beauty that truly represents how you want to feel as a woman.

Dr. Lee’s strong personal philosophy pervades her work and is integral to her results. As a physician and healer, she subscribes to five main tenets of healthy and successful living. These include, do no harm, live and let live, ease suffering, create beauty, and always strive to give more than you take. The practice of these principles accounts for the longevity and stability of Dr. Lee’s practice, which is regarded by both domestic and international clients as a primary destination for outstanding medical care and aesthetic transformation.

The benefits of having a female plastic surgeon

The benefits of having a female plastic surgeon cannot be underestimated. Women have many concerns about their bodies that can only be fully appreciated by another woman. Some of the great reasons to see female plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Lee include:

  • Statistics prove, female plastic surgeons are known to spend a greater amount of time in consultations
  • Many women feel embarrassed about discussing or revealing aesthetic problems with male surgeons
  • Women feel more comfortable speaking to a female surgeon about their concerns and goals for surgery
  • Female plastic surgeons understand the problems that only women face, and experience these issues themselves
  • They have the empathy and compassion that results in greater comfort

Why should I choose Dr. Michelle Lee at PERK Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Michelle Lee has achieved a high level of technical expertise as a board-certified plastic surgeon, with the added benefit of compassion, care, and understanding. You can expect to find in her a friend and confidante, who has the skill and artistry to help achieve your aesthetic goals in an empowering environment of understanding. Beyond her kind and warm demeanor, Dr. Lee is widely regarded as being among the finest plastic surgeons practicing in the Los Angeles area.

Female Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills

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